How To Pack Your Jewelery / Jewellery

February 8, 2019

Traveling is great, but don’t you just hate packing. I’m always trying to fit into the smallest bag possible – because who loves lugging around large luggage. Of course, this translates into me constantly jumping up and down on my poor little suitcase trying to ram all of my belongings into it. T-shirts can take this kind of abuse no problem, but jewelry not so much.

Lots of broken zippers and bent ear posts later I’ve discovered the perfect little solution!!

Enter this little plastic box from Muji. It’s meant to be a pencil box, but it is an ingenious jewelry packer! It’s sturdy enough to stand up to my pushing and shoving, but it’s tiny enough to easily fit into any bag. Plus, it has a little snap lock, which means you don’t have to worry about any rubber bands. I’d recommend packing each pair or item of jewelry in its own little baggy (the muslin bags that my jewelry comes in work great or you can also use mini little ziplock type bags).

It’s the simplest little solution, but it works perfectly! Small bag packers unite!! So, do you have any packing tips?

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