Packing the Right Jewelry for Your Vacation

January 15, 2018

Packing the Right Jewelry for Your Vacation

I was recently getting ready for a short trip back to visit family. When I pack, I try to be as minimalist as possible.  I like to keep my weight down and fit all of my belongings into a carry-on.  That means that everything that I pack needs to be extremely versatile!

These 3 pieces of Yasha Butler Jewelry that I decided to take covered all my bases.  I got to travel light and still look put together every single day!

The Amelia Necklace is a great piece to travel with.  It is easy to pack and quite compact, but when worn it has a confident presence.  Its refined industrial look makes it a great piece to dress up or dress down.

Yasha Butler Jewelry Amelia Necklace Sterling Silver Chain


The Classic Gabrielle Earrings are the quintessential everyday earrings.  They are simple and elegant.  You can wear them with anything in your wardrobe.  They make you look put together, but not so over-the-top-done-up.  

Yasha Butler Jewelry Classic Gabrielle Earrings Simple Minimal Sterling Silver


The Nora Earrings are your secret weapon.  They are big and bold and beautiful.  You might not have enough room to pack a special dress for a night out, but you can transform any simple outfit into a show-stopper with these earrings.  Trust me, you always want to be ready for a fun night out!

Yasha Butler Jewelry Nora Statement Earrings Geometric Sterling Silver

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