The Amelia Necklace

February 8, 2019

Yasha Butler Elemental Jewelry Amelia Necklace

This is the Amelia Necklace from my Elemental Jewelry Collection, named after the great pilot Amelia Earhart. Almost a century after her disappearance we are still trying to unravel her mystery. It seems like her story continues to resonate with so many of us. Personally, every time I hear her story I get goosebumps. I can’t believe how courageous she was to travel the world on her own in a tiny plane.

I feel that there is something magical about this necklace that captures the beauty of the wandering soul. I imagine strong, courages women adorning themselves with this necklace and charging forward on their next adventure. Or, maybe it’s just that I like wearing it because it makes me feel like I can be as courageous as Amelia. Either way, cheers to the strong and fearless women of our past and the future!

Yasha Butler Amelia necklace

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