Five Artists You Need to Follow

February 8, 2019

I know that it can be hard to find artwork that really resonates with our own aesthetic preferences. So, if you enjoy things that are simple, minimal and a tad imperfect, then you need to follow these five artists.

1. Caroline Walls

Caroline creates incredibly sensual, yet amazingly minimal paintings of the female form.  Her personal take on this common subject is so refreshing!

Instagram: @carolinewallsart


2. Kathryn Davey

Kathryn works with gorgeous natural fabrics like linen and cotton, which she dyes using plant materials. The textures of her pieces are so soothing and the colors that she achieves are just spot on.

Instagarm: @kathryn_davey


3. Luke Hope aka “Hope In The Woods”

Luke’s work is mesmerising. He is able to transform wood into other worldly objects. His pieces have a sense of both delicacy and strength that is incredibly calming.

Instagram: @hopeinthewoods


4. Crossing Threads

The sisters Lauren and Kass Hernandez, who make up Cross Threads, weave the most stunning tapestries. It’s amazing how they are able to capture a sense of serenity in the incredibly complex structures that they weave.  You could get lost in their work for hours.

Instagram: @crossingthreads


5. Yasha Butler

Yasha Butler Lithic Vessels Sculpture Bowl Ceramic White Black Brown

Hey that’s me!!  I make perfectly imperfect ceramic vessels that are meant to be bold in an understated kind of way.

Instagram: @yashabutler


So, there you have it! Five artists working in different mediums, with different methods, yet within an aesthetic language that compliments each other.

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